The thing is, when I got out of college, I had $9,800, but by the end of 1955, I was up to $127,000. I thought, I’ll go back to Omaha, take some college classes, and read a lot—I was going to retire! I figured we could live on $12,000 a year, and off my $127,000 asset base, I could easily make that. I told my wife, “Compound interest guarantees I’m going to get rich.”

事实上,我大学毕业那会儿身上只有$9,800,可是到了1955年底,我(通过之前的证券工作)攒下了$127,000(12.7万美元)。我当时想,我要回到奥马哈州,修读几门大学课程,并且要读很多书——我打算退休啦!我想我们家每年开销是$12,000,有了我的$127,000资产基础,这一点都不难。我告诉老婆,“我打算通过复利(compound interest)发财。”


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