The Enduring Value of Founder Community


When I was running a former startup, I often got question from the Chinese CEO/co-founder,

"Why you spend time helping other founders (via Startup Grind Guangzhou)?"

I paused, and not sure what to say. Now I know,

"I am investing in a social asset pool from which I keep reaping profits for my own startups."

In fact, joining a founder community and helping others led this CEO and I to our 2nd startup, via the kind referral to other co-founders from Mr. Gump Lu, CEO of Guanguo.

Since the nature of building a startup is to create new value and wealth at scale, you can not thrive alone by caring ONLY for your own startup, but rather you have to keep an eye on your ecosystem or even help grow it.

The value of a founder community can never be underestimated. And being nice to others people is a trait I consistently saw in good founders. As I recalled my early days while at SCUT, I was privileged enough to meet successful alumni from around the world. One Hong Kong real-estate businessman called Lun Zhiyan stood out the most. We were in the same bus. Mr Lun kept telling me how he spent his time helping other real-estate partners, donating money to build schools in mainland China, and kept learning about the ins-and-outs running property service in Shenzhen, down to the nifty details on how Shenzhen municipal government was managing utility and water supply, and how that affect his pricing offer. His eyes glared with sparks when he was sharing the knowledge of running a good quality real-estate property service for landlords.

I was lucky enough, in my early 20s, to be so convinced and confident that I'll be running my business one day and being able to help others like this. Sure I am double privileged to indulge myself in everything computer science and technology, even on AI. And I feel triple privileged to get requests for helps from founders around the world.

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