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The Enduring Value of Founder Community

When I was running a former startup, I often got question from the Chinese CEO/co-founder, ​ > "Why you spend time helping other founders (via [Startup Grind Guangzhou](" ​ I paused, and not sure what to say. Now I know,

评估成长 #ChanceOnGrowth#

Evaluating your startup's growth in terms of user growth, product, expertise, and finance are something you cannot learn by reading. You need to experience them all by doing. 从用户增长、产品、人才和财务的角度评估公司的成长状态是无法单靠读书搞懂的。你得边做边学。

Joel Spolsky: 创业公司如何公平分配股权?

> 本文翻译自onstartups.com问答社区的一个Joel Spolsky的回帖。Joel Spolsky是曾是MS Excel产品的核心开发,目前是纽约软件公司Fog Creek的老板。他的博客Joel On Software是在业界流行了10多年的老博客,记录了Joel十几年行业经验,覆盖软件企业运作的点点滴滴,视为行业知识经典。