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Why Layer Zero Lab

Back in June 2021,Allen You, founder of DuoNB Alliance, and I decided to keep up with the initiative to amass more and more community interests in building the next generation of 3-in-1 optical networking tech stack via DuoNB Alliance.

Since DuoNB is for tech and product specific purposes, and we lacked a higher level initiative to promote the use of crypto and blockchain in the upcoming Tokenomics design in DuoNB products and services. I was chosen naturally to take the lead.

Back in February 2022, we came up with the name Layer Zero to refer to what we are building as the collective DuoNB ecosystem. Layer Zero shows where DuoNB tech lies among other Layers of technologies, such as Layer 1 (BTC, ETH…) protocols and above them we have Layer 2, 3, …

We decided that the public initiative to help web3 founders and builders in and around China’s (optical) networking industries shall be coined as Layer Zero Lab. Once we have DuoNB and Layer Zero Lab up and running, we’re seeing the future of how we’re going to build the grand vision of DuoNB: 3-in-1 optical routers shall be used everywhere and will eventually become the new hardware networking layer for Web3.

Allen served as Product Director of the technology brand of China Overseas Building Corp. With his contribution to and insights from China’s smart-home industry, Allen You never shy away from voicing his insights and vision on what and how we shall build networking stacks for smart-home. By early 2021, we finally came up with a unified and concise vision for DuoNB communities,

We build smart-home like it’s ONE computer.

When a home is wired up with DuoNB’s innovative tech of 3-in-1 optical networking layer, a family no longer has to bear with the many isolated smart-home gadgets each with a different OS, and the many different vendor lock-in causing countless privacy and user experience issues or even disasters.

We are happy that we came up with the right name, Layer Zero Lab, for our course back in Feb 2022. Even before other different tech initiative of similar naming. However, we’re equally keen to keep track of similar name technologies and hopefully we can cross-road some day some how.