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Chance’s Reading List for Founders

应「顺德创新创业公益基金会」的邀请,我从他们的第四期资助项目开始试着担任入驻创业团队的导师。期待能把接下来沟通也变成一种自我教育,发现并总结一些我认为属于经典的内容。 本文的清单包含我从20几岁就开始接触的知识资源,涵盖经济学、科技以及各种我认为应该成为常识的知识领域。 阅读能帮我获得“第三只眼睛”,用它们来观察自己,让人生变成一场类似角色扮演战略游戏:打开原本笼罩在黑幕下的更多领地,成就更多可能。







Reading List for Founders

By accepting invitation as mentor to founders funded by Shunde Innovation & Entrepreneurship Fund, I officially started my mentoring from their 4th sessions of startup founders. I am hoping that I can turn my own mentoring as my self-education, discover and summaries things that are worth sharing with these young founders.

Resource list on this post are books, audios and other media that I’ve been reading and consuming since my 20s. They cover economics, technology and all the common sense I believe an entrepreneur must possess.

Reading helps me to obtain the 3rd eye with which I can see through myself. It practically turns my life into a strategic role play game, where the more I know myself, the more black curtain I turned and unfolded, so that I keep seeing a bigger and bigger world.

On founder thinking and well-being

On VC and financing

Software as a business

  • Joel on Software blog,and it has a few Chinese version, too.. You’ll never regret reading all Joe’s blog posts, so that you can build yourself a bullet or even failure proof framework of thinking as a business person who are into tech products.

The fundamentals: economics/writing/speaking

  • The Mises Institute,where you find a rich repo of economics topics as in-class audio (in mp3 format). If you feel daring and want the absolute root knowledge on Austrian Economics, you must read the book Human Action, the bible of Austrian Economics.
  • 制度主义时代/Age of Institutionalism,Mr Xue Zhaofeng is among the early mainland Chinese economics scholar and thinker who have been well-versed in Chicago School of Economics, which shares a root with the Austrian Economics.
  • How to make wealt, by Paul Graham. This article is by far the most comprehensive account on what is wealth from entrepreneur’s perspective. It shaped my basic value and believe as an aspiring entrepreneur.
  • The Elements of Stye, the ultimate cheatsheet on writing well. Its Chinese version is also available here. But since it’s all about English writing, you’d better read and collect English version of this book. It’s been toasted as bible of writing skill by generations of straight-A students.
  • How to Make Money Early in Life: My Speech to the FBLA, by Gary North. Best part is on the BECOMING A BUSINESS LEADER section, where you’ll find what are 5 basic skills of a business leader.
  • The Road to Serfdom, by F.A.Hayek. You never know what a boy grew up in Communist China became loyal reader of Hayek.

On religions, Buddhism/Christianity/Koran/Biblia Hebraica (the Hebrew Bible)

I’ve been feeling guilty of not knowing enough about major religions in the world, as required by my professors at SCUT. They are ultimate sources for understanding different cultures and thinking from people around the world. It seems that we are but living in an infinite loops of life if you appreciate the basics of all these works.